1. Introduction
2. Purpose
3. Ethical Behavior
4. Conflicts of Interest
5. Disclosures
6Officer and Key Employee Conflicts of Interest
7Financial Integrity, Disclosure and Other Reporting
9. Protection and Proper Use of Robert Morris University's Assets
10. Reporting Responsibility and Mechanisms
11. Handling of Reported Concerns
12. Acting in Good Faith
13. No Retaliation
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10. Reporting Responsibility and Mechanisms

Each employee of Robert Morris University has an obligation to promptly report any of the following (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Concerns"):
  • Violations of laws, rules or regulations;
  • Fraud;
  • Questionable or improper accounting matters;
  • Theft, waste, or misuse of University resources or property; and
  • Other violations of this Policy.
If an employee has a Concern, he/she should not keep the information to him/herself, nor perform a personal investigation, but should promptly report via the mechanisms listed below:
  • Report to Management - Concerns should be reported initially through traditional reporting mechanisms, beginning with the immediate supervisor. If for any reason it is not appropriate to report suspected Concerns to the immediate supervisor, individuals should go to a higher level of management within their school or department. Other options for reporting internally include:
    • Human Resources
    • Internal Audit
    • General Counsel
  • Reporting Hotline/Website - To the extent that reporting Concerns to management is not feasible or appropriate, and/or other resolution methods do not exist, employees may also report Concerns by calling the Policy of Ethical Practice Reporting Hotline at 1-800-963-5593 or submitting a report via the Web at www.ethicspoint.com.
    • EthicsPoint is operated independently of the University to help ensure user confidentiality and, if desired, anonymity. If an employee chooses to report a Concern anonymously, he/she should provide very specific, detailed incident information to allow for appropriate investigation.
    • For all hotline/website reported Concerns, the reporter will receive a report key to login and use to view the status of the Concern. Reporters are encouraged to check back regularly for questions or updates.
Employees are encouraged to report Concerns to management whenever possible. Anonymous hotline or website reports are often more difficult to investigate, and the credibility of such reports may be more difficult to determine.